Dynamic On-Off Insulation System

  Magic Cloud  

Greenhouse with transparent material such as glasses and plastic (vinyl) can save heating energy by greenhouse effect. However, greenhouse effect during summer day produces adverse effect against energy saving and the transparent material with poor insulation quality can’t keep warm (or cool) indoor temperature from outdoor temperature. Dark and thick blanket cover that is usually motor operated is used for improving insulation. But its insulation capability is still low.
Magic Cloud with high quality insulator and easy dynamic on-off system maximized the insulation while maintaining greenhouse effect properly. The structure of Magic Cloud is consisted of double layer transparent panels, bubble as insulator between them and fan for producing and eliminating bubble. While Magic Cloud takes advantage of a merit of greenhouse effect in off-insulation without bubble, bubble of Magic Cloud disrupts heat transfer across the double layer panels and blocks solar lights in on-insulation with bubble.




Thermal conductivity of air is extremely low, but heat convection of air prevails. Insulation material of high quality insulators such as fur, goose down and fiber glasses is not material itself but very low conductive air. Structure material of insulators divides air space into tine cells filled with air. Tiny cells create numerous tiny convections and prevent highly effective heat transfer by one big convection. This principle apllies to tiny bubble of Magic Cloud as high quality insulator.



▣ Patents
    · Korean Patent 10-2004-0037855: 버블을 이용한 온실 온도 조절장치
     (Room Temperature Control by Bubble in Greenhouse))
    · Korean Patent 10-2004-0101860: 버블을 이용한 보온 및 햇빛 가리개 장치
     (Insulation and Shade Device by Bubble)
▣ Experiment: Fill 30-50cm spaced double layer with bubble and measure the temperature
    difference between inside and outside.
    · Day : 30℃ (Greenhouse Effect)
    · Night: 10~15℃ (Insulation Effect)>