Small Hydro Power
  What is Hydro?
  Why Hydro?
Hydro is baseload, reliable, predictable and renewable energy.
Hydro is a significant source of energy globally.
Hydro is largest portion of renewable energy.
  Why Small Hydro?
Small Hydro market is growing fast.
EcoSmartHydroTM (Small dam) versus High dam
    Low environmental impact
    Short construction time
    Less expensive construction cost - concrete needed

Comparison of Size to Other Renewable Energies

Why Natel HydroEngine?

Low Head, as low as 2m
Lower manufacturing cost, compare to full Kaplan
No Cavitation
Eco friendly, safe fish passage
Less abrasive wear of blades
Small footprint and Lower construction cost


Waterways, Canals, Conduits
Small natural streams, Irrigation drops and small existing dams
Cooling water outfall from power plant, Effluent from WWTP
Outfall from inland fish farm

  HIMG (Hydo-based Isolated Micro Grid)

Micro Grid is the optimized and intelligence hybrid system complemented by controllable battery, called ESS (Energy Storage System), and sophisticate control system(EMS). It is combined any kind of energy mix. And it features intelligent control efficiency, extendability and flexibility for rural area.

Micro grids are envisioned as local power networks that use distributed energy resources and manage the local energy supply and demand (definition by NREL, National Renewable Energy Laboratory of USA) whether it may be connected to commercial power grid or may be isolated. The system consists of different types of power generation for rural electrification is named Isolated Micro Grid. The control of DER and ESS based on the load/DER (distributed energy resources) forecast and generation scheduling optimizes fuel consumption and operating cost. In Ulreung Project, Micro grid system saves fuel by 42% compared to conventional isolate power system and 21%-31% compared to hybrid power system with or without grid.

Other advantages and benefits of Micro grid are
   1) Reliable solution for power supply to remote places, islands and military bases
   2) Reduction of government fuel subsidy by replacing diesel power generation consuming diesel with renewal energy without feed cost
   3) Diversity of energy supply, specially renewable energies
   4) Development and commercialization in a short time
   5) Easy extension of grid according to the increase in electricity supply and demand
   6) Secure core technologies such as electric power system, power electronics, renewable energy, ICT(information and communication technology), control/computer, engineering, electric devices, energy storage and so on.
   7) Ripple effect on creation of jobs throughout related industries
   8) Emerging worldwide market of 40 billion USD in 2020

 EMS [energy management system]

[Hydro based Isolated Micro grid]

  Monroe Hydro Project (Bend, Oregon USA)

The Monroe Hydro Project is a 300 kw hydroelectric plant located in an irrigation canal and powered by one SLH100-L hydroEngineTM. Natel Energy is proud to work with Apple to build the Monroe Hydro project in central Oregon. The project utilizes the existing irrigation canal to generate predictable, baseload renewable energy.